We are pleased to announce that Portrait Recording Studios is officially reopening it's doors for attended (in person) recording sessions!  We're incredibly excited to finally get back to making music in our amazing space. While we have been waiting patiently for the green light from our health officials, we must acknowledge the changes that need to take place within the studio to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and clients.


01. MANDATORY Insurance Health Waiver and Facial Coverings: Currently, NJ is still under a mask manadate for all indoor businesses (whether you are vacinated or unvacinated).  For the health and safety of all parties, anyone entering the studio will be asked to sign the following health waiver. In addition, facial coverings (face masks that cover both the nose and mouth) are REQUIRED in order to enter the studio.




02. Temperature checks will be given upon entry to the studio with a no-touch thermometer. Those experiencing higher than normal temperatures will be denied entry and asked to leave. 

03.  We have separate entrances/exits for both Studio A and Studio B.  Please follow signs for the respected entrance upon arrival.


03. During this time we will be limiting all sessions to 2 - 3 guests (plus producer/engineer) into our studios at any given time. That being said, we ask that band members stagger their times during sessions accordingly if possible. If you have finished recording your parts, and no longer need to be in the studio, we kindly ask that you leave the studio.  If you are not a member of the band that is recording then we ask that you stay home.


04. Managers, A&R, Booking Agents, if you wish to attend sessions we are currently doing this remotely via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Please contact us for our virtual login protocols and credentials.


05. If you have a video/photo team which you would like to document the recording process please contact us.  Due to our capacity restrictions/current health guidelines, we are asking teams to be limited to single videographers/photographers.  No one is allowed into a session without permission from management.


06. We are requiring all clients during sessions to wear masks/facial coverings in accordance to CDC guidelines except when eating, drinking or if isolated during recording (ie: recording vocals in the vocal both, drums in the live room). If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you.


07. Hand Washing/Sanitizing: We strongly encouraging all clients to routinely wash their hands.  Hand sanitizer is available a at all entrances/exits as well as at various stations around the studio. 


08. We also ask that we observe the 6 foot social distance rule as much as possible.


09. Since you may be sharing things that other musicians will be touching (i.e. headphones, instruments), we will be cleaning/sterilizing as much as possible.  If you feel uncomfortable using any of our gear then, we encourage you to bring your own.

10.  Travel:  If you recently traveled 14 days prior either internationally or to any of the states on New Jersey's travel advisory list then, please contact us IMMEDIATELYNew Jersey's travel advisory list can be found here.


11. Finally, through all of this, we ask you to use common sense before entering the studio. If you feel sick, live with someone who is sick or were exposed to anyone confirmed with COVID-19, at this time we need to be incredibly cautious and reschedule your session/s.  We know sessions are booked quite far in advance and everyone can't wait to get creative and make some music.  But, we need to be vigilant with respect to the health and safety of our friends and family.  


What We're Doing to help #stopthespread:  Routine Cleaning Practices:


01. All common areas (especially the lounge, kitchen and bathrooms) and touchable surfaces (door handles, hand rails, etc) will be cleaned before sessions, after sessions, and regularly throughout the day by our staff.


02. All our shared equipment will be sterilized for each session (headphones and musical equipment).


03. Studios will be sealed and closed after cleaning to ensure no one enters until each session begins.

We will be updating these policies as things progress and welcome any suggestions you have! All guidelines are subject to change at a moments notice as we are guided by our local health officials, the CDC and state of NJ. We appreciate all of you and look forward to getting creative and making some amazing music together once again!  Thank you!