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John began playing music at the age of 9. After playing in numerous bands and recording in other studios in the NJ area, John met Chris Badami while studying music recording in college. Deciding to take music more seriously, his band Trophy Scars recorded their EP at Portrait Recording Studios and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and work ethic of Chris Badami and the studio.

After working with numerous artists from across the country, John joined the Portrait family in 2010, recording and producing bands and assisting Chris Badami on projects.

John has worked with such artists such as: Trophy Scars, Nigel Silverthorn, Chocolate Bread, Red Light Green Light, I AM HERESY, The Gallerist, The Nathan Gray Collective, Curse the Mariner, Love Automatic, Young Thieves, The Natalie Fight, Inamere, Super Snake and many more.

His work with a wide range of diverse musical artists and experience in touring bands has helped launch his career as a producer/engineer/mixer and songwriter. His love of music, recording and mixing has enabled him to become a talented producer, engineer and mixer who always strives for absolute excellence.

John Ferrara


John Ferrara Production Reel

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