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Multitrack Recording and Mixing
Digital Editing Mastering

Multitrack Recording and Mixing

We offer the two most professional forms of multitrack recording and mixing today.

– 24 Track 2″ Analog Recording
– 2 Track 1/2″ Analog Mixdown

– Pro Tools HD Recording/Mixing (up to 192kHz, 24bit)

Additional Audio/Video Services

-Live "On-Location" Recording - We offer both multi-track and "stereo concert recording" on location for all bands, ensembles, choirs and orchestras.

-Digital audio/MIDI computerized editing services for all digital file types (up to 192kHz, 24bit)

-Voiceovers - Radio, TV, Podcasts, Web

-Audio Book Production, Recording and Mixing

-Podcast Production, Recording and Mixing

-College Pre-Screen/Arts Suppliment Recordings - Audio/Video College Pre-Screen Recordings for Students

-Mastering to CD, Vinyl, iTunes (we are an official Apple Certified Masters Facility), Amazon HD and all Streaming Services (EQ, Dynamics, PQ+Loudness Adjustments)

-PMCD Burning/DDP Image Rendering

-Audio Restoration for vintage and noisy recordings: removal of tape hiss, vinyl pops and clicks and additional unwanted noise

-Audio Transfers to CD and DVD – Archive your old analog tapes to CD or multitrack tapes to DVD/Hard drive. We can transfer the following formats: 1/4″, 1/2″, and 2″ analog tape, Cassettes, 8 track Cassettes, ADAT and Vinyl (78, 33 1/3, 45 rpm).

-Video transferring to DVD or Internet Format (MPEG).  We can transfer the following formats: VHS, VHSC, Slides, 8mm, super 8mm and 16mm film.

-Internet Audio Conversion: Convert CD files and mixes to MP3 standards

-Sound System Design and installation for clubs, schools, churches, offices, etc..

-Musical Score Creation and Printing from MIDI files

Online Mixing Mastering

Online Mixing and Mastering

We are pleased to be now be offering online mixing and mastering services here at Portrait. 

So how does it work? 

It’s easy folks!  Upload your single, EP, or album to our server and get them mixed by our award winning staff!  We then post the mixes back to you for download and approval and you’re good to go!  Take it a step further and use our online mastering service for them as well!

Production Packages

Production Packages, Studio Musicians, Graphic Design and Duplication

– Monthly Specials: We offer full service in house production packages from top to bottom for demos, EP’s and records.  For the list of our current monthly specials email us!

-Production and Arranging:  Have an idea for song?  Need musicians to play on your record?  Portrait Recording Studios specializes in producing and arranging.  Our award winning producers can take your song idea and bring it to it’s full potential.  We also can provide high level studio musicians for all your musical needs.

– Graphic Design and Duplication: We are pleased to now offer in house duplication services through our company Professional Disc Services for CD and DVD duplication and replication. We can also can provide you with Cassette Duplication, Vinyl Duplication, posters , stickers, etc.

We at Portrait Recording Studios are sensitive to all musicians needs and budgets.  We work with all our clients to achieve a standard of excellence for your specific project. Contact us below to discuss the best options for your product.

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